Monday, November 21, 2011


Every baby learns things in a different order.  Although I may have been a little disappointed that he called everything mama except for me, it didn't upset me too much because his affection for me is pretty obvious.  It wasn't until I thought I heard him say "grandpa" a couple weeks ago that I decided that maybe I should be teaching him to say "mama."  I've been trying and we've been going over all the pictures on the fridge.  Pretty much everyone there became "mama" to him.  Then a couple days ago when I babysat my nieces, Isla and Emma, who Gideon adores, he clearly said "iya" several times while pointing to Isla and then consistently called Emma "Mama"! Sigh... I guess it sounds kind of similar, but wait a minute!  What about me?! I'm supposed to be Mama!, today Michael asked him, "where's mama?" Gideon responded by pointing to me and saying "Mama!" I asked him several times where daddy was, but he kept pointing at me and saying "Mama!" Yay! I'm a happy Mommy right now!

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