Monday, November 21, 2011


Every baby learns things in a different order.  Although I may have been a little disappointed that he called everything mama except for me, it didn't upset me too much because his affection for me is pretty obvious.  It wasn't until I thought I heard him say "grandpa" a couple weeks ago that I decided that maybe I should be teaching him to say "mama."  I've been trying and we've been going over all the pictures on the fridge.  Pretty much everyone there became "mama" to him.  Then a couple days ago when I babysat my nieces, Isla and Emma, who Gideon adores, he clearly said "iya" several times while pointing to Isla and then consistently called Emma "Mama"! Sigh... I guess it sounds kind of similar, but wait a minute!  What about me?! I'm supposed to be Mama!, today Michael asked him, "where's mama?" Gideon responded by pointing to me and saying "Mama!" I asked him several times where daddy was, but he kept pointing at me and saying "Mama!" Yay! I'm a happy Mommy right now!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Big Week

This week Gideon:

*Went from zero to two teeth. (The two bottom front ones).
*Had his first cows milk...and didn't really like it.
*Started crawling the normal way.
*Was able to get himself into the sitting position all by himself.
*Started saying some new words.  He can now say:
     -No (usually "no, no, no..." while shaking his head).
     -Dog: sounds like "Dah", but he points at dogs or chases after    Maggie (the Hertzog's dog) while saying it.
     -Kitty: sounds like "Kee"
     -Meow: sounds like "Owe."  Usually he says "Kee...owe...", but he also says it when he sees other animals, including dogs and seagulls.
     -Ball: sounds like "Bah"
     -Up: sounds like "pah" and is usually whispered)
     -Hi: sounds like "eye".  He greeted the receptionist at the vet the other day.  She wasn't even looking, but he said "eye" and got her attention! He sometimes wants me to open the front door and when I do so, he says "eye" and waves.  

This is Gideon's new facial expression.  It cracks us up! He started doing it when he was getting his teeth, but has continued to do it since then.  This time it was because he was trying to stand up under the chair and got "stuck." He actually made it onto his feet a couple days ago, which was quite a surprise for me when I looked under the table to see why he was upset!

Another big change this week was saying goodbye to our sweet kitties. We found them a great new home, but it was still much harder to see them go than we ever expected.  We miss them!
Gideon loved the cats and they tolerated him pretty well.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm becoming a couponer! This is what I got at Walgreens today.
I paid $3.60 for all of this and it's all stuff I will use!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

40 Weeks on June 25

40 weeks...the length of a pregnancy! Crazy!

His hair naturally sticks up like this.  I just gave him a bath and I swear I combed it flat!
We are going to a Mariners game today.  Auntie Bonnie found this new coat for him.

My little boy is SO much fun right now!  He is really moving around and has become my little floor cleaner as gets around by dragging his tummy across the ground. It makes me very aware of how dirty my floors are! He notices the tiniest pieces of food or the little specks of dirt and makes a beeline for them. What's so interesting about them is beyond me! Thankfully he hasn't tried to put any of it in his mouth yet. He did try to eat a flower the other day though.  I caught him just in time!

Gideon has a favorite place to go right now: the entry way (maybe because it's where the carpet ends and wood floor begins?). I keep catching him and moving him somewhere else because he keeps finding little rocks from peoples' shoes, but he continues to go back and starts to giggle every time I ask him where he's going.  It makes me laugh! He's pretty darn cute! One of my favorite things is when he scoots himself over to me from across the room....all the way until he touches my toes.  : )

The doctor told me that Gideon can eat pretty much anything now (aside from peanuts and honey), so this week I've been introducing a lot of new foods to him. It's hard to remember all of them, but yogurt is the biggest one I think.  He loves it with mango. I'm also giving Gideon chunkier food now. He is just starting to try picking it up on his own to feed himself, but most of the time he needs me to stick it in for him.  He successfully got some rice puffs in his mouth on his own though! Yay!

Gideon LOVES broccoli. Can you believe it? I just steam it and then puree it with a tiny bit of milk and he keeps wanting more. I didn't really expect that. It's a vegetable and not even one of the sweeter ones!

Gideon's 9 month appointment went well.  He's on the smaller side, but the doctor said that's okay. He's now 28 inches long (40.69%). He weighs 17 lb 12.5 oz (9.96%). Clothes still become too short for him before he fills them out.

We did move the crib mattress down and so far I have not fallen in! I guess it's not as far down as I thought it was going to be. : )

Michael and I are going to go camping without Gideon! I've never left him overnight before. I haven't wanted to ask someone else to wake up with him during the night, but my mom told me she'd be happy to take him. I'm a little nervous because I know I will miss him and I also worry that he will be fussy for my parents, but I know that this will be good for Michael and me!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

9 Months on June 18

9 months
Gideon is getting pretty good at the army crawl now! I think he's really enjoying this new freedom. So far it's fun for me too, but it also means that I have to watch him more closely. I've noticed him reaching up for things, so I have to be careful that he doesn't pull something down on top of him.  I think it's also time to move the crib mattress down as he could start pulling himself up on things at any time now! Ahh! I'm a little worried I might fall in on top of him as I put him in his crib though!  How am I supposed to get him in there without waking him up?

Gideon is a mommy's boy.  I absolutely LOVE picking him up after work! He is SO excited to see me! It is such a good feeling to know that I've been missed!  Just recently, Gideon has started to prefer being held by me.  It doesn't really matter who he is with. If he sees me, he reaches for me and will sometimes fuss until I pick him up. I know that's been a little hard for Michael. I'm not quite sure how to fix it. Hopefully the one on one time he'll get on the extra days I work this summer will be good daddy bonding days.

Gideon had his first cracker on the 17th! He wasn't quite sure about it at first, but then really enjoyed it.

38 Weeks on June 11

At Ben's graduation party
Emily took great care of Gideon!

37 Weeks on June 4

Gideon has started wiggling his way around this week.  He is very determined to get what he wants and will try to get to it by spinning himself around on his tummy and stretching as far as he can to reach it.  If it's still too far away he rolls onto his side and pushes a little with his feet and then tries to reach it again.  He has been successful numerous times!  However, if the desired object is too far away, he gets frustrated and fusses until someone helps him get it.
Fortunately, he isn't screaming as much this week! I'm SO glad.  It was really starting to stress me out!

Sleeping has been about the same lately.  He sleeps for about 5 or 6 hours and then wakes up to nurse.  He has to nurse one more time before getting up if I want to sleep until 7 or 8.  Otherwise, I'd probably be up at 5 every morning!  I'm wondering if I should start feeding him less at night.  At Gideon's 6 month appointment, the doctor said he should be able to "sleep through the night," but I forgot to ask if he actually meant through the night or if he meant just 6 hours.  I haven't put up a big fight about getting Gideon to sleep more than that at a time because I really hate sleep training...especially in the middle of the night!